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Kramer VP-502XL Scan Converter

HDTV VGA to UXGA Input to Composite and Y/C Output, NTSC PAL

  • From 30 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Kramer VP-502XL Overview The Comprehensive/Kramer VP-502XL is a scan converter for computer graphics and HDTV video signals. It converts computer graphics video signals up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) and HDTV Signals to composite and S-Video (Y/C) signals simultaneously in either PAL or NTSC formats. Multi Standard This device can downconvert to either NTSC or PAL video standard. Flicker Reduction A four line, two level flicker filter is offered with this unit to reduce the effects of scan conversion. Auto Set This unit has an auto set feature that automatically sizes, shifts and centers to output a correct signal on the display. Proc-Amp Adjustment of color, hue, sharpness, contrast, and brightness controls are offered to the user. Advanced Functions Freeze, Overscan and Underscan are functions utilized with this device. HDTV This unit will accept HDTV signals of 480p, 720p and 1080i and convert them to standard television formats.

Cancellation Policy

5 Days or more notice before delivery - Refund Less than 5 Days Notice before delivery - Nil Refund (We can discuss an available later date for setup as an alternative) Weather - If weather affects your event and our packages involve an outdoor setup, we will work on a case by case basis to either defer to another date or offer equipment for indoor - still charged at the initial rate.

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Auckland, New Zealand

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