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*Includes digital file on memory stick & collection/delivery within Auckland - Wider Auckland region additional fee

Have precious memories you would like to hold onto on older audio tapes or VHS video?

We can help capture those treasures and this will allow you to store the video and/or audio on a USB memory stick which you can copy and distribute if you wish. It will also be much easier to play from a computer as well and most media players now have USB inputs to play from so have the next big movie at home and surprise your family by hiring out one of our Cinema at Home or Silent packages.

We collect your media on VHS tape or Audio Cassette Tape and then will transfer the media to digital and place on a memory USB stick (multiple files on the supplied USB) and return your original media and USB stick. How is that for service? 

The cost to transfer 1 Audio Tape or VHS Video Tape is $80 or 3 for only $150  for 3 tapes copied onto 1 USB memory stick..

Auckland collection and drop off is free and all other areas outside of Auckland will be $60.

Please note that we only copy the media and cannot restore the original media so whatever you provide to us is what will be copied and Ashken takes no
liability for damage or degradation of the supplied media. We will notify you immediately if the original media is of acceptable transfer quality but if you still want to go ahead with a very bad quality master, we can proceed as sometimes this is the best way to preserve what you have.

Please fill in the following form to secure a pick up and for us to get more info what is required.

USB Drive
Request a VHS Video or Audio Tape Cassette to USB Transfer

$80 Per Tape or $150 for 3 

Includes pickup and drop off


Collection or pickup address / Return

Thanks for requesting a booking

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