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5 - 7 Days

Auckland $60 or you can collect from Hobsonville Point in Auckland

We deliver the panels privately and the panels are plastic wrapped for easy handling and transport.

Take care when removing plastic.


Our panels have been designed to be installed by any person with some basic knowledge of DIY, but do highly

recommend a professional installation service, which is provided above at various rates depending on location.


We can also consult on larger scale projects or custom design specs. Please get in touch to discuss as we are happy to meet onsite to have a look at your space.

The panels are lightweight, offering a great solution for rental situations using 3M jumbo hooks - where a permanent installation may not allow. If you do prefer a more permanent solution - two screw fixing holes are pre machined on the hanging section on rear of panel for easy hanging onto the wall.


For ceiling fixing or wall corner fixing, we can assist and provide some ideas on how to achieve this. 

We always suggest a professional install where possible especially when installing higher up on the wall or in crowded areas, as you want to ensure the panels are fixed for permanent use avoiding any safety issues.

For smaller spaces, less traffic areas and lower height walls, the rental solution is best suited and simply installed by applying 3 x 3M hooks for the larger panels and 2 x 3M hooks for the smaller panels as per instructions.

Our install charges are $80 per hour and vary depending on scale of install. We bill this separately to the product order once install is complete. Please contact us for any other info you may require.

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Temporary or Rental

Installation using 3M Jumbo Hook(s) 


  • Holds 3.4kg

  • Damage-Free Hanging

  • No nail holes

  • Holds strongly

  • Removes cleanly

  • Works on a variety of surfaces

Panel hangs from wall screws fixed into wall

Wall Screws  |  200mm apart
Back of panel with screw mounting holes
200mm mounting points
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