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Ashken Acoustic Panels improve sound quality in any indoor space and reduce sound build-up, flutter echo, reverberation, and excessive voice chatter which are amplified in certain environments with either too much space or too little sound treatment.

Acoustic treatment is often overlooked and people tend to spend more on audio equipment to provide a fix, but a little treatment will go along way in terms of the final result, and in most cases no upgrade of audio equipment is required for better room acoustics. 

We construct our panels in Auckland and have worked hard to research, build, tweak and then come up with a solution that is not only functional, but within budget for most people. The panels are able to be hung on a wall using 3M hooks, so great for tenants/renters where a permanent situation is not viable, something that other panels are unable to achieve only offering permanent installs with harsh glues etc, alternatively you can opt for a more permanent solution and install wall screws.


As home studio owners, we have worked many years on correcting room acoustics and want to assist others in this quest. 


A couple of panels on each wall or surface will vastly improve acoustics in your dedicated space, whether this be in a living room, TV entertainment area, meeting or conference room, recording and production studio, even finding pride of place in busy restaurants and education/classroom settings where quieter environments are always desirable.

Check out The Starter Room Kit (8 Panels) and if for some reason they don't (or any of our panel kits don't quite achieve your expectation), you may return them at buyers shipping expense within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund." Alternatively we can also rent these to you so you can trial before purchase. Contact us for more information.


How Does Acoustic Treatment Work?

Sound absorption is how we reduce the reverberation or echo within a room.  Soundproofing is how we prevent or block noise from being transmitted through walls, windows, and doors. Ashken Acoustic Panels provide sound absorption.

The sound waves are absorbed into the glass wool material like a sponge. The wave vibrates in the insulation fibres and is converted to heat energy, decreasing the number of sound waves returning to the room. 

A unique feature on our panels are the intended air gap (space between wall and frame) which encourages further diffusion on frequencies.

The fabric that is used to cover the panels are sound transparent. The panels offer broadband frequency range of absorption which just means they treat a broad spectrum of audio frequencies. Your ears will be the final judge when all acoustic panels are strategically placed.

It is recommended that a minimum of 20% of the walls be covered and if necessary some parts of the ceiling, but the beauty of these panels is they are lightweight and modular and some basic experimentation on placement will make drastic changes to your listening space.

Corners and surfaces opposite where a sound is generated are an excellent place to start.


Typically adding or rearranging furniture and books on shelves all work very well to achieve the desired sweet spot for your listening space and a combination of panels and furniture can make a world of difference when listening to or mixing music or watching movies in your home theatre or living room.

What Are The Panel Sizes?



600 x 600 x 120mm




1200 x 600 x 120mm




300 x 600 x 120mm




300 x 1200 x 120mm


What Components Make Up Ashken Acoustic Panels?

MDF Frame


A strong yet lightweight frame weighing only:



This is where the real magic happens. 80% Recycled glass-wool absorbs unwanted spring / chatter and excess sound waves in any space by trapping or absorbing them and converts to heat energy. There are some great benefits using glass wool:

  • Acoustic performance 

  • High thermal performance

  • Non-combustible - AS 1530.1

  • No added formaldehyde


Fabric Covering

The final layer is a quality, breathable fabric covering (100% cotton) stretched over the frame.

Six colours available at present which can blend in very comfortably with your furniture and surroundings and mixing and matching colours and sizes will also create a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing sight.


Please note colour stock may be limited at any time but will contact you if this is the case.

*Colours may differ from below due to monitor or display variants

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